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Transport insurance

Transport insurance or goods insurance is an insurance policy that protects goods’ owners against financial loss when goods are on their way from supplier to recipient. It is the goods’ owner's responsibility to have transport insurance. Any business that sells, buys or otherwise has goods in transport, should consider whether a transport/goods insurance should be undertaken! If you have goods insurance, direct any claim to your insurance company which will press your claim for damages against ColliCare Logistics.

As a trading company, are you considering goods insurance?

Here are some issues you should consider:
  • Can the company withstand a loss equal to an entire consignment?
  • Does the company want financial compensation for any loss, with an insurance company assuming the risk for the goods, and replacing any damage/loss incurred?
  • Shall the company only insure against catastrophic losses, or does it want “umbrella coverage” that covers everything?
  • Does the company have the capacity – practical and administrative – to press damage/loss claims itself?

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Are you considering goods insurance?
Contact your insurance company.
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