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Good labelling ensures a good delivery

Correct labelling and information is the basis for timely and efficient shipments. Proper use of labels defines a consignment - for both parties.

Standard transport label

All packages must be clearly labelled, and consistent with electronically transmitted consignment information.
In cases where the information is not transmitted electronically, the consignment is registered manually.
Standard shipping labels (102x192mm) should be used, and all information must be readable both digitally and manually.

The following minimum requirements apply to content and labelling:

  • Labels must include information about:
    • The sender's name and reference number
    • Recipient with complete address, reference number and phone number
    • Delivery instructions
    • Number of packages
    • Weight
  •  Labels must include a barcode with the waybill number, also called the consignment number, and its own barcode for “package ID".
  • Labels must be easily visible on all packages.
  • Labels should not be wrapped around edges/corners, as then they cannot be scanned.

Sorting labels

All packages handled through our terminals are labelled with their own sorting label which includes: date, time, route and services.

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