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Sea freight from Asia

ColliCare, by means of its own bases in China and India, has an extensive knowledge of the import and export market to and from Europe. We also have got worldwide representations, amongst others in the USA. ColliCare is looking at all the angles and can therefore deliver a solid and transparant logistics solution for all kinds of seafreight.

About this deep-sea logistics transport solution:

  • Our engineering capabilities ensure a solid and thorough process evaluation and the delivery of an improved logistics approach
  • We can manage your vendors
  • We can ensure the liability and quality processes
  • We can combine shippers and receivers in our cross-docks operations to ensure cost-effective and time-efficient deliveries
  • ColliCare is a neutral and respected partner for all the major deep-sea shipping lines

Booking through e-mail, EDI or web. Each shipment is traceable in our web-based track/trace system - follow your goods’ journey!

Do you need sea freight to East? Contact us for a chat!

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Logistics engineering
Logistics engineering
Our mission is to be your strategic partner and our aim is to create and maintain the best supply chain solutions
Scandinavia Specialist
Scandinavia Specialist
We have built-up both our competence and our distribution network and like to call ourselves Scandinavia Specialist! - ColliCare Germany