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Our services

Road freight
ColliCare Germany has freight forwarding departments in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, the Baltics, Italy, Turkey, and a large partner network throughout Europe.
Sea freight
ColliCare seafreight - you get access to a worldwide network, including our offices in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Baltics, Germany, Finland, Italy, Turkey, India, and China.
Air freight
Air and express services are the fastest growing forms of transport. ColliCare has a large network and deliver door-to-door – contact us!
Customs clearance
We have specialized in customs clearance, with dedicated employees in this area, and have good procedures for Customs. We can help you with your customs clearance!
ColliCare Logistics BV
Manchesterweg 101,
9744 TS Groningen
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